Association for Myalgic Encephalomyelitis

Help Raise Funds for ME Awareness Raising Campaigns and Other Initiatives

Public awareness about ME in the UK has increased dramatically over the recent years. More people than ever before know about the condition and the suffering it can cause not only for the patients but also for those around them, in particular their family members and loved ones. This is unfortunately to a great extent due to Sophia Mirza’s death in 2005 as the controversy surrounding her allegedly inappropriate treatment drew a lot of media attention. But it isn’t only tragedies that helped raise the awareness about ME in Britain.

ME Advocacy Groups Need Your Help

The UK public is better informed about the condition due to a number awareness raising campaigns and other initiatives that have been held both online and offline. But their organisers need money to cover the expenses of holding various events, workshops, distributing educational and informational material, etc., reach even more people and further increase the public awareness about the condition. By doing so, they help ME patients feel less excluded from the society and less stigmatised but they also encourage the health authorities and the UK Government to provide more funds for research of the causes, treatments and prevention strategies; development of new and better treatments and working harder on finding a cure.

How You Can Make a Difference

You can help raise funds for ME awareness raising campaigns and other initiatives in virtually countless ways. And remember, no matter if you help raise £10, £100 or just £1, your help will be highly appreciated. Every pound makes a big difference! If you want to help, here are a few suggestions how:

  • Donate. All ME advocacy groups and organisations accept donations. You can make a one-time donation or donate a certain amount on a regular basis. It’s up to you to decide including how much do you want to donate.

  • Join fundraising events. These are organised on a regular basis by a number of ME advocacy groups all over the UK. The format of these events varies greatly from music concerts and fundraising dinners to auctions, to mention only a few. They are all seeking to raise as much funds as possible but every contribution is appreciated, no matter how small.

  • Buy from stores that support ME advocacy groups and awareness raising campaigns. They will donate a small percent of the total cost on your behalf. It won’t cost you anything!